Course coordinators: Volkova I.I., Biological Institute, Tomsk State University

Solomina Ye., Tomsk State University


 Course objectives:

At the end of this course, aiming a deeper understanding of the basic characteristics of life, the student will be able to characterize: metabolism, growth, reproduction; the relation between structure and function of bio-molecules in living organisms; the cell as the unit of living organisms biodiversity, evolution & taxonomy; the basics of metabolism and photosynthesis; the principles and mechanisms underlying classical genetics; the basic principles of ecology population dynamic and how populations respond to environmental changes.

 Full course description:

This course aims at introducing the students to the most fundamental biological principles of life. The cell as the basic unit of life will be studied as well as classification of organisms in order to understand the basic principles of the diversity of species. A basic understanding of photosynthesis and cellular respiration will be provided in this course. The ability to replicate, to multiply and produce offspring is studied in the field of genetics, and the basic Mendelean genetics will be studied. The basic principles of evolution will be introduced. How living organisms relate to each other will be explained and basic principles of ecology are presented.

 Teaching methods:

 Lecture(s), PBL, Assignment(s)

 Assessment methods:

Written exam, Participation, Final paper.