The course focuses on:
• the formation of an adequate representation about the diversity of contemporary Psychodiagnostics and Assessment methods;
• deep learning of the current world ethical standards of psychological diagnostics and assessment activity;
• technology of test reliability determination that obtained by different Psychodiagnostics methods;
• studying of classical and contemporary intellect diagnostic approaches, Psychodiagnostics of personality characteristics, talent potential and achievements potential of the person.

The course will make it easy:
1. To master the technology of getting “informed consent” with a client about Psychodiagnostics and assessment procedure.
2. To assess the compliance of the proposed Psychodiagnostics programs with the final testing objectives.
3. To understand the variety of ways to assess different characteristics of a person.
4. To understand the possibilities of Psychodiagnostics of this or that characteristic of a person with use of various diagnostic techniques.
5. To be able to determine the level of reliability of the received diagnostic data.

The course consists of 5 modules. Every module’s broken into 4-6 topics with some tasks and additional literature.