This course gives an introduction to the key ideas which underpin photochemistry: the nature of electromagnetic radiation, the nature of matter, and the way the two interact.

The idea of university: philosophical foundations and spiritual content


Religion, philosophy, and education meet, when we want to define to spirituality as the category and personal characteristics of a person. Their unity was implemented on base common understanding of spirituality as the approaching man to enlightening. In the sphere of philosophy spirituality is non-physical way of human being. Spirituality characterizes human as the reflexive and specificity existence. Spirituality was given to him as the ability of selfeducation. Religion sees spirituality in the same invariant of enlightening. Understanding of spirituality is manifested in University education clearly. Building of the University is based on the idea of the rising of a individual to the universal truth and Absolute Spirit – to the truth and God. Spirituality in its content is the Idea of the University. It was created as the perfect, aesthetical and ethical social Institute. Knowledge and truth are ideological categories of the University and were based by ancient Greek philosophy in the understanding of a truth.  A truth  contained the spirituality and rational knowledge together. However spiritual installation of the middle ages means to withdraw from the understanding of the truth, which cannot be achieved by intellectual efforts only.   The finite mind cannot to grasp infinity truth and therefore intellect must been addressed to help religion faith necessary.

In this time spirituality initiated of the creation of the first universities, where the main faculty was the faculty of theology. This faculty had the goal to introduce to the truth, which contained  spiritual values.

In its history the Idea of the University was transformed, but the spiritual content has retained always. In the first universities the faculty of theology carried spirituality as Idea of University. But the spiritual aura remained at the University and post “ University revolution», when the emerging science (ХУ11-ХУ111 centuries) have been included in the University, and when new faculties became to emerge and faculty of philosophy became «to argue» (Kant) with the theological Department.

The University is not lost its idea in the history. Philosophy had helped to University in this fact therefore philosophy have been created the atmosphere of spirituality always. Spirituality is main criterion of Idea of the University.